Why is Gutter Maintenance so Important?

Why is Gutter Maintenance so Important?There's no denying it, gutter maintenance is an absolute must-do. Clogged gutters can cause a number of big structural problems for your house, so it is important that they remain clear of any type of debris. On top of this, natural debris such as leaves, sticks, pine needles and other plant materials that end up in the gutter system can halt the flow of water, creating a perfect environment for many bugs to live, including mosquitos. Developing a roof maintenance plan is a sure fire way to keep your gutters clear so water can properly drain from your roof. Here are three major issues that can arise from clogged gutters.

Cracked Foundation

As water levels rise in a clogged gutter it will eventually overflow, leading to it either seeping into the roof deck or dripping down your siding, which can cause stains and other damage, and accumulating around the foundation. Water seeping into the roof deck can cause interior leaks from the ceiling and upper walls, resulting in need for interior repair. Water collecting around the foundation will result in basement leaks and could even cause a cracked foundation, which is indeed very expensive to repair.

Bugs & Rodents

The collection of plant material in a gutter system results in the type of environment where termites and other pests like to make their nests. It will become an ideal breeding aea mosquitoes and you may even find a family of mice calling your gutters home. To prevent damage to your house caused by unwanted critters be sure rain water continues to flow through your gutter system without any trouble.

Rotten Wood

Standing water that flows over the top of the gutter can soak into the roof deck and fascia. As water soaks into the wood the wood will become moist and begin to rot. In order to restore the structural integrity of your house you will end up spending thousands of dollars replacing damaged structural components.

The lesson here is that clean and free flowing gutters are necessary to ensure your house doesn't suffer damage caused by standing water. If you need gutter cleaning in McKinney or Wichita Falls, TX, contact Trifecta Roofing & Construction. We offer complete roofing services! To learn more or to request a quote for roofing in McKinney or Wichita Falls give us a call at (469) 500-8305 today.

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