When is Time to Reroof my Home?

When is Time to Reroof my Home?Your home's roof takes a beating every day. It shields the interior of your house from all types of weather and in doing so it can become damaged. Depending on the type of roof on your home you may experience different types of damage. Sun can dry out and crack shingles while high wind can cause damage to all types of roofing material. Any damage to your roof is an invitation to water leaks and other troubles, causing problems to occur to the interior of your home and even damages to your home's foundation. So how do you know if it is time for general roof repair or a complete roof replacement?


If you notice widespread discoloration of your shingle roof it is likely becoming dried out by the sun's heat and UV rays. This is likely to lead to, if it has not already, cracking of the shingles, making it easy for rainwater to seep inside your home.


If it appears that a section of your roof is sagging you should consider reroofing the entire roof to ensure that there is not waterlogging occurring within the home's framing. A dip in the roof can allow water to drain to that area, causing water to soak into the roofing material and what lies beneath.

Missing Shingles

If shingles are missing around the roof there is good chance many more will disappearing shortly. The roof is likely near the end of its life if shingles are easily being picked up by the wind or simply coming dislodged under normal weather conditions.

Interior Water Stains

If you notice staining on the ceiling it may be caused by a problem with the roof. Even when roof damage is not visible it does not mean it isn't there. These sorts of problems become apparent from other types of evidence, such as water stains, mold or even physical drips on the ceiling.

If your home has had the same roof for many years and it is beginning to show signs of wear and tear you may want to consider having a professional roofer come and inspect it. It could be time for a re-roof. If you need roof repair or roof replacement in McKinney or Wichita Falls, Texas reach out to the team at Trifecta Roofing & Construction. We offer a variety of roofing services involving all types of roofing materials. To learn more about roofing trouble or to request an estimate for residential roofing in McKinney or Wichita Falls, give Trifecta Roofing and Construction a call at (469) 500-8305 today.

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