Is it Time to Paint Your House?

Is it Time to Paint Your House?As a homeowner it is important to keep up with maintenance issues, such as roofing needs, updating plumbing and conducting exterior home painting. Fresh paint isn't only about looking good (although that is a huge perk of doing so), but it also helps protect your home's innerbones from the elements. If you encounter any of the following issues, you'll want to reach out to a professional home painter to get a quote right away!

Peeling, Cracking or Bubbling

Some of the most common signs of paint wear include peeling, cracking or bubbling. If the home wasn't painted too long ago, this could be a sign it was painted incorrectly, however, these issues will arise after extended exposure to the elements. Don't ignore these problems, as they could lead to mold or rot!

Fading Paint

A tired and faded paint job can occur if your home has been baking in the sun for a few years. Dull colors can make a home look much older than it is. While primarily an aesthetic issue, faded paint can be a sign that the sun's UV rays are penetrating the siding underneath the paint, which could cause them to warp.

Gaps Between Siding Boards

If you can spot visible gaps between the siding boards of your home, it means it's time for a repaint. Unfortunately there may be additional damage already done. Contact a professional painter who can assess the issue further, as this could be a sign of dry rot. In most cases, however, a fresh coat of paint will reseal the home's bones to keep them perfectly protected.

Time has Passed

You don't have to wait for signs of trouble to know that you should paint your home. Exterior home paint generally lasts between 5 and 10 years depending on the quality of the paint and the professionalism of the job. If you hit 7-8 years without any trouble, it's time to start thinking about a new paint job to avoid potential issues.

Selling Your Home

If you're planning on selling your home one of the best investments you can make that will have an immediate impact on the sale price is painting the exterior. People love fresh paint, inside and out, as it gives any home a brand new look.

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