Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak RepairThe roof of your home does more than just protect your family from the elements. It provides structural integrity to the home that helps to hold up the walls. If the roof becomes damaged it can lead to severe issues with the rest of the structure, including foundation damage. A small roof leak can end up causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage if it is not repaired in a reasonable time. These tips to identify the location of a roof leak will help you point a professional roofer in the right direction when they come to repair any possible damage.

Detect a direct roof drip

If you feel a drip, or spot a drip coming from your ceiling, it is more than likely the damage is going to be somewhere near the leak. Aside from a physical drip leak you may also notice black spots, mold or wet spots on the ceiling. Should you encounter any signs of a roof leak it is critical that you contact a roofing expert as soon as possible.

Check for attic damage

If you have noticed some sort of damage on your roof during a visual inspection, you will want to climb up into the attic. Before the leak ever becomes present by dripping or showing through the ceiling, it is likely water will begin to collect in the attic. If you find water in the attic be sure to call a roofer right away.

Roof Inspections

Following any severe weather incident that involves high winds, hail or heavy rains it is important that you reach out to a roofer who can perform a roof inspection to ensure that your home is safe from any damage. Aside from bad weather, you should have a roof inspection completed annually so that any possible issues are detected as early as possible.

Check pipes and chimneys that penetrate the roof

Leaks often happen near roof penetrations, such as chimneys, vents or pipes. These areas more frequently sustain damage during heavy weather, making the roof area around them susceptible to a leak. Make sure your roofer closely checks these areas during any inspections or services completed.

If you believe you have a roof leak or if your home has recently been exposed to extreme weather that may have caused one, be sure to have a professional roofer come out to evaluate the situation and check for damages. If you are seeking professional roof repair in McKinney or Wichita Falls reach out to Trifecta Roofing & Construction. Our roof repair experts will ensure your home is safe and sound. Give us a call at (469) 500-8305 to request a quote from a quality roofer in McKinney.

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